KAP Series Deep Well Self-priming JET Pump


PUMP Centrifugal Self-Priming JET

PUMP: Centrifugal - Self Priming JET / Twin Impellers (Double Suction)
Pump Body: Cast Iron
Impeller: Brass / P.P.O. Plastics
Mechanical Seal: Carbon + Ceramic + Stainless steel + Rubber
Front cover: Cast Iron
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  • Self-priming pumps are high efficient jetting pump with excellent suction even when there are air bubbles. The pump consists a single impeller, centrifugal pump and a nozzle with a jet pipe. The series pumps are particularly suitable for water supplying in domestic installations, small-scale agriculture watering and where self-priming operation is demanded.


    MOTOR: Single Phase Heavy Duty Continuous Work
    Motor Housing: Aluminium
    Shaft: Carbon Steel  / 304 Stainless Steel Welded
    / 420 Stainless Steel
    Insulation: Class B / Class F
    Protection: IP44 / IP54
    Cooling: External ventilation